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Round Table Talks-3: Science Art Philosophy

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Visionary Fragments | Fragmented Visions

June 10-11-12

“Visionary Fragments I Fragmented Visions /Golden Horn” theme, approaches the urban space as a reflection of the time in which many aspects act as a whole and write the urban story via scale, urban layers, vista, or utopia.

In this regard, Golden Horn is a unique place that simultaneously reflects the past with its histories that composes today’s fragmented visions via experiments and events besides the future’s imaginaries/utopias/dystopias.


We hosted Gülsün Tanyeli within the framework of the architectural project 2 course. Our students, who started their "shelter +" project in Gazhane Deresi Sokak, adjacent to Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi, learned about the transformation of the Gazhane campus and its surroundings from its foundation to the present day.

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Within the scope of "Istinye Architecture Meetings", which takes place every Saturday between March 20 and April 24, on-line interviews are held with important names from the world of architecture. In these interviews, they discuss and evaluate their architectural approaches and professional adventures in general or in particular for a single building.